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Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting held on 12 April'15

posted Apr 27, 2015, 5:45 AM by Sharath Adavanne   [ updated Apr 27, 2015, 8:43 AM ]
The executive committee meeting of DMS Alumni association was held on 12 April 2015 at Office of) Thoughtfocus Technologies, Saraswathipuram at 12.00 Noon.

        Members who attended: Mr. Rajeev Nataraj, Mr. Sampath Kumar, Mr. R K Baliga, Mr. P B Mithra, Mr. Anish Muddappa, Mr. Punit J, Mr. Madhu Karnat, Ms Sonal Nage, Ms Sayeema Nasreen
        Members absent due to pre-commitments: Dr Anand Venkatraman, Mr. Vivek Bansilal, Ms. Sahana Jaganath, Mr. Pranav Bhat

The Agenda was to discuss the projects that were slated to be taken up during the year 2015 – 2016

1. Life Skills training to be imparted to the outgoing students of DMS.
  • This is being coordinated by Ms Sonal Nage & Mr. Madhu Karnat.
  • They outlined the purpose, process and modus being adopted to the members. So also the progress.
  • They are in touch with some experts in the field and the project will take wing soon as the academic year begins.
2. Distribution of academic kits to children of a nearby rural school. This was to be held in the month of May in order that it reaches the students at the start of the academic year.
  • This was originally planned to cover the ambit of a nearby rural school.
  • Mr. Dheeraj Kumar had volunteered to co-ordinate with the fund raising from his batch mates. Who incidentally were magnanimous the last year too.
  • It was communicated to the EC that they would rather restrict it to deserving students of DMS.
  • The EC discussed the issue and have agreed.
  • Since it may take time to communicate with everyone and raise the required funds and the deadline may not be met, the EC also discussed the possibility of utilization from the corpus and replenishing it in order to meet the deadline but it was inconclusive since some members felt it was vital to protect and build on the corpus.
  • The EC also felt that it would be unfair to expect one particular group / batch to continue bearing the burden of executing this project.
  • The EC appealed to alumni across the years to volunteer to contribute in order that the deserving students are benefitted.
3. Vivek Memorial Cricket Tournament
  • Not much co-operation coming from the School authorities, the EC is exploring the possibilities of to conduct the tournament independently
  • One of the avenues being explored is the involvement of KSCA for conducting and assistance. Parleys with them is in progress.
  • The committee also discussed the possibilities of finding sponsors to conduct the tournament.
4. Resources and Finances available
  • It was logically agreed that all and any of these projects can be undertaken only with the availability of finances which at the moment is at a premium.
  • The EC lamented the lack of contribution from the Alumni (barring a handful of people) both in terms of personal involvement and monetary help.
  • The EC discussed the proposal of collecting an Annual Membership fee. This was  deferred for discussions in detail at the next meeting.
5. There were proposals made to feature some Alumni every fortnight on the School website and the Face book wall. This would not only help knowing more about each other but would also help in networking with seniors and / juniors who were not at the school during the same period. Apart from the stated motive, other benefits as a fall out of this was also discussed. More clarity on this and how this can be done will possibly emerge shortly.